" a document reveals a plan to liquidate military leaders in Aden and Marib"

Iranian arms exploit the events in Palestine and prepare to invade Hadramawt and Shabwa

"Major General Saghir bin Aziz was subjected to an assassination attempt in a terrorist bombing that targeted his convoy after a meeting with Sultan al-Aradah, governor of Marib governorate, the last stronghold of the Yemeni Brotherhood"

Major General Saghir bin Aziz was subjected to an assassination attempt in a terrorist bombing that targeted his convoy after a meeting with Sultan Al-Arada – Archives


Yemeni local media said that the general in the Yemeni army Saghir bin Aziz, survived a terrorist bombing, targeted his convoy, after leaving a meeting with the governor of Marib, Sultan Al-Aradah, who is close to the Muslim Brotherhood, while the newspaper Alyoum8th obtained documents, the first revealing the intention of Iranian arms in Sanaa, liquidating southern military leaders in the "Fourth Military Region in Aden

A military source confirmed that Lieutenant General Saghir bin Aziz survived an assassination attempt with a car bomb in Marib, northeastern Yemen, while returning to it after a foreign visit.

The source pointed out that the assassination attempt comes within failed efforts to try to dissuade Lieutenant General bin Aziz from his national positions and his prominent role in supporting the building of a military institution based on national foundations to restore the republican system and protect national gains.

Leaders of the largest Yemeni parties to which bin Aziz belonged went to accuse the Brotherhood and the Houthis of planning to liquidate bin Aziz, against the background of inciting him after he met with US military leaders in conjunction with the Israeli war on the Palestinian Strip.

Yemeni journalist Saleh al-Baidhani said that former al-Qaeda leader based in Turkey, Adel al-Hasani, implicitly claimed responsibility for the assassination attempt on Chief of the General Staff Saghir bin Aziz, and says the operation came after bin Aziz met with a US military commander. Al-Hasani had vowed in previous publications to target Arab coalition forces in the southern provinces."

Yemeni military media said that Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Mohsen Mohammed al-Daari quickly directed an investigation into the assassination attempt on the head of the Joint Operations Commander, Lieutenant General Saghir bin Aziz, on Tuesday while he was returning to Marib, uncovering its circumstances and tracking and arresting the perpetrators.

"The failed and cowardly assassination attempt targeting the chief of staff is an attempt to dissuade him from his patriotic positions, his courageous leadership of the chief of staff and his toughness in the face of the Iranian-backed Houthi priesthood militia," Lieutenant General Daari said.

The leader of the Congress Party, "Arwa Al-Shamiri", accused the Brotherhood of being behind the attempt to assassinate bin Aziz, noting that the areas where bin Aziz was subjected to a terrorist bombing, are subject to the organization of the Yemeni Brotherhood.

Brotherhood media said that the attempt to assassinate bin Aziz came after he held talks with US officials in Washington with the aim of resuming the military support program for Yemen, and cooperation in the field of combating terrorism and smuggling, and expressed his praise for the efforts of the US Navy in preventing the arrival of weapons and drugs, which Iran smuggles to the Houthi group.

Balqees channel – one of the Brotherhood channels – went to accuse the Houthis of involvement in the process of targeting bin Aziz, in the center of Marib, the main stronghold of the Yemeni Brotherhood, which prompted Yemeni activists affiliated with the General People's Congress Party, to talk about the involvement of the Brotherhood in targeting bin Aziz, or that Marib is no longer safe despite the fact that it embraces about a quarter of a million military, is the number of military formations loyal to the Brotherhood.

The Yemeni news agency Saba said that an official source in the Ministry of Defense and the Presidency of the General Staff said that a terrorist group targeted Tuesday, the convoy of the Chief of the General Staff, Commander of Joint Operations Lieutenant General Saghir bin Aziz with a car bomb, while he was on his way from the Al-Abr area to the city of Marib, which resulted in the injury of a number of his companions.

The Yemeni Ministry of Defense did not implicitly accuse the Houthi arms of being behind the assassination attempt on bin Aziz, but the source went on to talk that the cowardly terrorist attack came in light of the continuous escalation of the Houthi militias and their cells working with terrorist organizations all supported by the Iranian regime.

The Yemeni army formations in Marib warned the Houthi militias, their takfiri allies, and their regional backers of the consequences of such open criminal operations, which confirm these militias' rejection of the calls and peace efforts led by brothers and friends.

Before bin Aziz was hit by a terrorist bombing, he met with a member of the Presidential Command Council, the governor of Marib, Major General Sultan al-Aradah, and discussed with him the latest field and military developments.

According to local media, the Chief of Staff presented a brief report on the results of his foreign tour to the United States and Saudi Arabia and what was discussed with his military counterparts in Washington and Riyadh. 

Marib Governor Sultan al-Arada was briefed on the results of his field visits to military units in the Fifth Military Region and its associated axes on the northern border fronts, and his .inspection of fighters in the naval formation of the naval forces in the port of Midi and the Red Sea islands


Liquidation of Southern Military Leaders

Alyoum8th newspaper obtained a document addressed to the head of the Houthi Council, "Mahdi Al-Mashat", stating that it obtained a list of the names of military leaders in the Fourth Military Region, based in the capital, Aden, with the aim of prosecuting them, but in the same document indicated that there is a Houthi desire to liquidate southern military leaders, similar to what southern military sources say is an attempt to liquidate former military leaders.

The document confirmed that the Iranian arms have obtained a list of the names of all members of the Fourth Military Region Command, and that the work will be sorting military leaders and officers, in preparation for their trial on charges of treason, and this trial was limited to the south, while the Iranian arms in Sana'a were not directed, to try Yemeni military leaders in Marib, the valley and desert of Hadramawt or the city of Taiz, which confirms that the Iranian arms are preparing for a new war against the south under the pretext of obtaining resources to pay the salaries of Yemenis who reject Tehran's arm In Sana'a, he spent it, which prompted about eight million Yemenis to flee to the liberated southern cities, in order to obtain government financial support and from international organizations that contribute to financing the displaced Yemenis.

The Houthi group is preparing to invade southern cities, especially the oil provinces of Shabwa and Hadramawt, in order to obtain resources to facilitate the process of paying salaries and financing the war.


Massive Houthi recruitment to target the south

Yemeni media said that the Houthis – Iran's arm in Yemen – took advantage of the events and the ongoing war in Palestine, recruiting thousands of young people, claiming to prepare for the liberation of Jerusalem, and the goal is to mobilize on the south, but after the overthrow of the city of Taiz, which Iranian arms are engaged in negotiations with the Brotherhood to enter it without war, according to an initiative launched by the head of the Houthi Council Mahdi Al-Mashat a month ago.

Local media in Yemen said that the Houthi militia was quick to exploit the widespread state of solidarity and popular sympathy of Yemenis with their Palestinian brothers in the Gaza Strip, who have been subjected to brutal and heinous massacres by the occupying and usurping Israeli entity since the beginning of last October.

According to local right-wing media, the militias used Jihad in Palestine as a broad headline to cover the falsity of their pretext to mobilize and recruit more fighters in their ranks, by urging residents in Sana'a and the areas under their control to join and quickly register their names in the combat courses they will organize to train participants militarily.

Yemenis ridiculed the slogans of the Houthis for recruitment, stressing that the Iranian arms, which were unable to provide salaries for Yemeni employees in the areas under their control, exploit Arab issues for material gain and recruitment to fight Yemenis with Yemenis, while other sources said that the Iranian arms are mobilizing to launch a new war of aggression on the south, which was liberated from these arms about eight years ago.

The Houthi group found in the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip a way out for some time from its predicament that it faces, based on the principle of political investment and national trading in the name of the Palestinian cause, as a case of disguise represented by the illusion of the slogans of resistance and defense of Jerusalem, because of the great and sacred symbolism of the cause of the Palestinian Arab people and their eternal struggles in the consciousness of the Yemeni, Arab and international street alike.

Yemenis said that "the Houthis commissioned so-called delegates in all neighborhoods, to recruit young people, by sending them to participate in training camps to fight for Jerusalem and Gaza, but in reality."